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Welcome to my website! I am thrilled to share a little bit about myself and my journey with you.

First and foremost, I am a proud mom of five amazing children. Being a mom has been the most rewarding and fulfilling role in my life. After dedicating 14 years of my career to teaching, I made the decision to stay home with my youngest child. However, during this transition, I felt the need for purpose and fulfillment in my life.

That's when I discovered my passion for preservation. Preserving memories and creating beautiful displays became my way of finding purpose and serving others. Working with preserved flowers has become my creative outlet, allowing me to express love and serve others through my craft.

One of the most meaningful ways we serve our clients is by preserving memorial pieces. These pieces hold a special place in our hearts as we understand how important they are for those families who have lost loved ones. Our goal is to create a beautiful and lasting tribute that honors their memory and brings comfort to their family.

Each bouquet we preserve holds a special meaning for our brides and their families. It is truly an honor to be part of their journey and contribute to their special day. The joy and gratitude from our wonderful clients fuel my passion and inspire me to continue this meaningful work.

Thank you for visiting my website, and I look forward to connecting with you soon!

Warm regards,

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I'm excited to work with and serve you!

Let's create a piece that is perfect for you.


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